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Environment Organization "public institutions and elementary schools with 'asbestos' found, cause studied to be construction materials"

환경단체 "관공서·초등학교서 석면 검출…원인은 건설자재"

Environment Organization "public institutions and elementary schools with 'asbestos' found, cause studied to be construction materials"


There were suggestions that construction materials including 'asbestos', a first class carcinogen, were found at public institutions and elementary schools within Gwangju and the Jeonnam region.


This was revealed at the Joint Press Conference by the Gwangju Environment Movement Association and Environment Public Health Citizens Center on Sept. 21st.


At the Conference was revealed the 'Emergency Asbestos Investigation Report'.


The organizations were reported to by citizens in July this year that there were construction materials suspected to include asbestos. Therefore, 20 products sold at stores and internet shopping malls were requested for analysis from professional institutions.


Upon analysis, there were 0.25 to 7% concentration of asbestos materials found in 6 of the products requested for analysis.

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