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Gwangju Office of Education to halt support for 6 private schools

광주교육청, 교사 위탁채용 불응 6개 사립학교에 보조금 중단

Gwangju Office of Education to halt support for 6 private schools


The Gwangju Office of Education decided to cut the support funds for 6 private schools within Gwangju City. This is as these schools have decided to reject the advice of the new-teachers recruitment measures.


According to the Office on Sept. 25th, Koryo(고려), GyungSin(경신) Girls', Dongsin(동신) Girls', Daedong(대동), SeoSeok(서석) and Daesong(대성) Girls' High Schools of the corporations decided to recruit 21 new teachers with self-formed written tests.


This was scheduled to be on Nov.21st.


On the other hand, the remaining 25 private schools' corporations decided to recruit 123 new teachers through the consigned recruitment of the Office of Education.


The Office is advising private schools to use the consigned recruitment for fairness in the recruitment process.

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