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Gwangju Private, Govt Countermeasures Committee discussing Special Preventative countermeasures during the holiday seasons

광주 민관대책위, 추석∼한글날 연휴 특별방역 대책 논의

Gwangju Private, Govt Countermeasures Committee discussing Special Preventative countermeasures during the holiday seasons


Gwangju City is discussing for the Special Preventative Countermeasures during the Chuseok(추석) and Hangeul(한글) Day holidays.


According to Gwangju City on Sept. 25th, the Private Govt. Joint Countermeasures Committee is holding meetings between Sept. 27th and 28th. There, the prevention measures to be applied for 2 weeks until Oct. 11th will be decided.


It is reported that there will be either a face-to-face meeting held at the Gwangju City Hall or an online-video-conference that the Committee members will be sharing ideas.

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