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COVID 19 daily infections add 114 to total 23,455, new virus cases over 100 for 3rd day

국내 코로나19 확진자 총 23,455, 114명 추가, 다시 100명 이상 확진 사흘째

COVID 19 daily infections add 114 to total 23,455, new virus cases over 100 for 3rd day


The country's daily COVID 19 cases stayed over 100 for the 3rd straight day today. This is as sporadic cluster infections continued to strain the country's virus fight ahead of major holidays.


The country added 114 more COVID 19 cases, including 95 local infections, raising the total caseload to 23,455.


This marked a fall from 125 new cases reported yesterday. However, it stayed higher than the 110 cases on Wed. Daily infections fell to double digits for the 3rd day in a row on Tues.


The country's new virus cases had been in the triple digits for more than a month since Aug. 14th, due to cases tied to a church and a political rally, with new cases soaring to 441 on Aug. 27th.


New COVID 19 cases have been on a slowing trajectory on the back of tougher virus curbs. However, they have not been easily brought under 100, the target set by the health authorities.


Therefore, as of today, the total number of infected across the country has reached 23,455 among whom 20,978 have been lifted from quarantine after recovery. There are 2,082 people who are under quarantine, with 128 of them in severe condition, and 395 deaths from the virus so far.

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