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Suncheon(순천) infected patient in his 80s dies after 1 month of inpatient treatment

순천 확진자 80대 남성 입원치료 1개월 만에 숨져…전남 첫 사망

Suncheon(순천) infected patient in his 80s dies after 1 month of inpatient treatment


A male in his 80s in Suncheon(순천) City died of the COVID 19 virus after 1 month of inpatient treatment .


Jeonnam's 121st patient died on Sept. 26th, in the first case of a death from the virus for the region.

According to Suncheon(
순천) City on Sept. 28th, there was a male residing in there who was transferred to Chosun(조선) University Hospital for COVID 19 treatment.


He had made contact with family who reside in Seoul(서울) and was later confirmed last month on the 28th. Afterward, he underwent 1 month of inpatient treatment, but underlying diseases worsened his condition.

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