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Southwest sea routes used by 120,000 people during Chuseok (추석), 73% of last year's

추석연휴 서남해 뱃길 이용객 12만명, 지난해 73% 수준

Southwest sea routes used by 120,000 people during Chuseok (추석), 73% of last year's


With the advice from the government to avoid visiting hometowns during the Chuseok(추석) period this year due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, there number of sea-route passengers was significantly decreased.


This is for Jeonnam's west-southern sea routes that there were some 73% of the total users compared to last year's.


According to the Mokpo(목포) Regional of Oceans and Fisheries on Oct. 5th, there were 120,000 users for the west-southern sea routes between Sept. 29th and Oct. 4th. This was over 6 days, reaching just 73% of last year's users.


Also, Gwangju City revealed that there was a 17% decrease in the number of visitors to the Gwangju region during the Chuseok(추석) period this year compared to last year.


As for visitors to national parks, there was a 74.7% decrease noticed as well.


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