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COVID 19 daily infections add 75 to total 24,239, new virus cases under 100 for 6th day

국내 코로나19 확진자 총 24,239, 75명 추가, 확진자 100명 이하 6일째

COVID 19 daily infections add 75 to total 24,239, new virus cases under 100 for 6th day


The country's COVID 19 cases stayed below 100 for the 6th straight day today. However, the country is bracing for a possible resurgence in new infections after the long holiday, as a slew of sporadic clusters were reported.


There were 75 more COVID 19 cases today, including 66 local infections, raising the total caseload to 24,239.


This marked a slight rise from 73 posted on Monday and 64 cases reported on Sunday.


Since the daily infections hit 133 on Wed. last week, they were in double-digit figures. The drop was in part attributed to fewer tests carried out over the 5-day Chuseok(추석) holidays that ran through Sunday.



The health authorities had advised people to refrain from visiting their family members and relatives this year over the Korean equivalent of Thanksgiving.


They also allowed public transportation to sell only window seats in line with efforts to prevent the spread of the virus over Chuseok(추석).

As of today, the total number of infected across the country has reached 24,239 among whom 22,083 have been lifted from quarantine after recovery. There are 1,734 people who are under quarantine, with 105 of them in severe condition, and 422 deaths from the virus so far.

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