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Gwangju city asked to revert change airport’s name to Jeonnam Province


"무안공항 명칭변경 입장내놔라"…광주시전남도에 문서로 요구

Gwangju city asked to revert change airports name to Jeonnam Province

Gwangju City has made an official request for Jeonnam Province to change Muan(무안) Airport's name. Our Jongmin Kim reports.

Gwangju City and Jeonnam Province are having a conflict regarding the Gwangju Private Airport transfer to Muan(무안) Airport.

This is as the City decided to conduct a poll survey of citizens in deciding on the transfer issue, while the Province urged for the promises to be kept.

Jeonnam sent an official letter to Gwangju City on Oct. 16th, requesting for the Gwangju Private Airport transfer to Muan(무안) Airport.

In response to Jeonnams letter, Gwangju also sent an official letter to Jeonnam Province, asking for a clear statement on the Muan airports name change issue.

This is as the military airport transfer issue is still stagnant that such an attitude was taken.

Therefore, the citizens' opinion that the private airport transfer should not proceed without the military airport transfer is being taken into consideration.

In the meantime, Gwangju City revealed on Oct. 14th that there will be a citizens' poll survey conducted to decide on the transfer issue, with uncertainty remaining regarding the military airport transfer issue.

The poll survey will be asking opinions regarding the Gwangju Private Airport transfer in 2021, given the uncertainty of the military airport transfer.

The survey of  2,500 people will be completed by Nov. 10th.

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