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Asia Culture Forum held at the Asia Culture Center

아시아 문화 포럼, 국립 아시아문화전당서 열려…문화 연대 모색

Asia Culture Forum held at the Asia Culture Center


The 14th Asia Culture Forum representing the Cultural Discourse of Gwangju City was held on Oct. 20th at the Asia Culture Center.


This forum was titled 'Civilization Transition - New Normal Era, Possibility of Cultural Solidarity'.


At the forum, there was also a special conversation between Noam Chomsky, a well known American linguist and philosopher and Professor Lee DongYeong(이동연) of the Korea National University of Arts.


This was pre-recorded through a video conference to draw attention.


The Gwangju Culture Foundation revealed that this was the first time for Noam Chomsky to participate in a conference for an international academic forum.


The events were broadcast real-time through YouTube as well.



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