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ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit held in Gwangju

ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit held in Gwangju

한·아세안 문화장관광주 모인다…문화예술 협력 논의


The 2020 ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit started today, at which cultural arts cooperation measures are discussed. Our Jongmin Kim reports


The ASEAN-ROK Culture Innovation Summit 2020 started its two-day journey today in Gwangju with the theme of cultural contents, the future global growth engine, to enhance the cooperation of ASEAN-ROK countries to and explore the opportunity of growth through exchange.

At the international summit-level event, participants will share best practices and visions with ASEAN countries regarding cultural contents as a driving force for future growth in the Fourth Industrial Revolution era

The ASEAN-ROK culture Innovation Summit began last year with the ASEAN-ROK Commemorative Summit. In 2020, the ASEAN-ROK culture and arts experts are gathering together and suggesting a new model of ASEAN-ROK cultural cooperation by cooperating and sharing innovation, challenges, and future visions.

Especially this year, they want to suggest the meaning of cooperation and the direction for the future of ASEAN-ROK through varied stories such as the experiences of ASEAN-ROK cultural innovators who are dynamically growing and being recognized globally, and varied activities, vision and successful cooperation cases of the executive body of  the ASEAN-ROK cultural exchange.

Meanwhile, for the prevention of COVID 19 transmission, most of the events including speech sessions will be aired online, on the official website of the ASEAN-ROK Cultural Innovation Summit

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