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4 New Regional Infections reported in Gwangju

광주·전남서 어제하루 지역감염 4명·해외유입 2명 확진

4 New Regional Infections reported in Gwangju


There were multiple cases of COVID 19 infections found within the Gwangju Jeonnam region overnight. Our Hyungjin Ro reports.


With the recent series of COVID-19 cases related to nursing hospitals, a total of four regional infection cases were newly reported in Gwangju today.


According to health authorities, four more people who had contact with case No. 179 in Jeonam Province were confirmed positive. The epidemiological survey showed that Gwangjus No. 505 has been at a hospital in Buk-gu for other treatment since the 14th, and patient No. 506 was found to be a relative of patient No. 505 and has also been in and out of the hospital for nursing care.


The authorities said all 80 patients and medical staff who were suspected to have had contact with the patient tested negative in the first round of examination. It is also planning to conduct additional tests of some 870 people at the hospital.


Furthermore, patient No. 508 was reported to be the relative of Jeonnams 179th patient while No. 509 is a student of Wol-bong Middle School. Authorities are undergoing diagnostic tests on the students and staff of the school.


Meanwhile, two cases in Gwangju, Numbers 504 and 507, were confirmed to have entered the country from Kuwait. They were isolated in Gwangju fire academy dormitory immediately after their arrival.



As of now, the total caseload in Gwangju has risen to 507 and 179 in Jeonnam region.




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