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Naju(나주) City Hall with additional public officer infected

나주시청 공무원 추가 확진…확진자와 같은 부서 근무

Naju(나주) City Hall with additional public officer infected


There was another public officer in Jeonnam's Naju(나주) City that was infected with COVID 19. Therefore, there are a total of 2 infected patients with COVID 19 among the public officers in Naju(나주) so far.


This is according to Naju(나주) City on Oct. 26th that Jeonnam's 182nd case was a public officer in the Jobs Economic Division of the city found in the morning.


During the enumeration tests, there was an additional case found within the same division confirmed to be infected.


The test results will be released within the morning of Oct. 27th; therefore, additional infection cases may be announced.

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