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Govt. free seasonal flu shots received by 10 million out of total 19 million eligible subjects

독감 무료접종 대상 1900만명 중 1천여명 접종…접종률 54%

Govt. free seasonal flu shots received by 10 million out of total 19 million eligible subjects


So far, more than half of the total eligible subjects for the government-led free seasonal flu shots have received their injection already.


This makes some 10 million people out of 19 million candidates that were provided the vaccine.


According to the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency on Oct. 27th, there were a total 10.2 million people between the age of 6 months old and 18 years, as well as 62 years old and above, that received the vaccine.


Therefore, 53.9% of the total eligible subjects for this year's free flu shots have received their shots already.


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