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People Power Party - Gwangju held Budget Policy Meeting

광주 찾은 '국민의힘' "광주 숙원사업 끝까지 돕겠다"

People Power Party - Gwangju held Budget Policy Meeting


The People Power Party visited Gwangju City today to hold a Budget Policy Meeting. At the meeting, they said that they "will help support the remaining projects of Gwangju until the end." Our Jongmin Kim reports.


The main opposition People Power Party leadership, led by party representative Joo Ho-Young visited Gwangju on October 27th and held a joint budget policy meeting at Gwangju Metropolitan City Council with Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Seob and Jeonnam Governor Kim Young-Rok and Jeonbuk governor Song Ha-Jin

In preparation for the Budget Bill Review for next year, the meeting was held to collect regional public opinions.

At the meeting, the City requested the main opposition People Power Party provide financial support for major impending local projects including building the A.I and Smart City, Gwangju Type Job Model project, May 18 and Military Airport Relocation special laws, along with some national subsidy-based projects.

South Jeolla Gov. Kim Young Rok, and Jeonbuk governor Song Ha-Jin also attended the meeting to discuss pending issues in the province that require budget reflection and policy support. Both sides discussed the specific budget plan to help the impending projects succeed by attracting national funds for the regions and to find a solution for Honams future development

In response, the People Power Party leader Joo Ho-Young said, the party will not spare its efforts to help with Honams major projects in order to make the region prosperous again.

Since the Emergency Countermeasures Committee of Kim JongIn(김종인) was launched, this is the first time that the party leaders have visited the Honam(호남) region for the Budget Policy Discussion.

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