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City and Province Integration discussion visualized, changes to the Korean Administrative Geography drawing attention


"뭉쳐야 산다" 시도통합 논의 가시화대한민국 행정지형 바뀔까

City and Province Integration discussion visualized, changes to the Korean Administrative Geography drawing attention


The campaigns to integrate the metropolitan districts' municipalities are  being visualized, centering on the Yeongnam(영남) and Honam(호남) districts.


This is the regional districts' survival strategy in response to the extensive size of the capital areas, with 'integrated administration' and 'sizable economy' drawing attention.


However, there are certain conflicts, difficult relationships, and different viewpoints that suggest a tough road ahead.


Regardless, there is attention drawn to the political, economic, and administrative geographical changes of the country with the campaign.


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18156 TEXT 광주 환경단체 "장록습지 주변 지역 보전방안 마련해야" Gwangju Environmental Organizations, "JangLok(장록) Wetland surrounding area's preservation measures should be prepared" Environmental organizations within Gwangju City req… 12-07 74
18155 TEXT 광주인권사무소 9일 세계인권선언 기념문화 행사 개최 Gwangju Human Rights Office to hold ceremonial cultural event on Dec. 9th for Universal Declaration of Human Rights The Gwangju Human Rights Office of the National Human Rights Com… 12-07 88
18154 TEXT 이용섭 광주시장 "9∼10일 민간공항 이전 입장 내놓겠다" Lee YongSeob(이용섭), Gwangju City Mayor "Private airport transfer stance will be released between Dec. 9th and 10th" Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangju City Mayor said on Dec… 12-07 63
18153 TEXT '골프모임 등 n차 감염' 광주·전남 밤새 8명 확진(종합) 'Golf Meetings and others with 'Nth degree' transmission', Gwangju Jeonnam with 8 infection cases overnight The Gwangju Jeonnam regions had 8 cases… 12-07 80
18152 TEXT 광주시 내년 문화예술 예산 1658억원, 역대 최대 Gwangju City with 165.8 billion won budget for next year's cultural arts, the highest recorded Gwangju City revealed that the 2021 Cultural Arts Sports Field has secured 165.8 billion wo… 12-07 89
18151 TEXT 전남대방송국서 5·18 직전 시국선언 등 담은 뉴스 원고 발견 Chonnam(전남) University Broadcast Station found news scripts including contents of Declaration of Affairs before May 18th There were some news scripts found from the Chonn… 12-07 86
18150 TEXT 광주시 '2단계' 유지…식당·카페 자정까지 매장 영업 '완화' Gwangju maintaining its 2nd level of Social Distancing for 3 more weeks Gwangju City has decided to keep its Social Distancing measures for 3 more weeks,… 12-07 110
18149 TEXT 5·18 유족회 "공법단체 유족 범위에 형제·자매 포함해달라" May 18th Bereaved Association, "Public Law Bereaved range should include siblings" The May 18th Democratization Movement related organizations are in the process of becoming p… 12-04 96
18148 TEXT 개소 15년 맞은 광주인권사무소 올해 570여건 진정사건 처리 Gwangju Human Rights Office had 570 cases this year The National Human Rights Commission of Korea's Gwangju Human Rights Office greeted its 15th year since its opening. Al… 12-04 76
18147 TEXT 광주시·독일 라이프치히시, 탄소중립도시 조성 협력 Gwangju City and Germany's Leipzig(라이프치히) City agree on creating carbon-neutral cities Gwangju City and Leipzig(라이프치히) City of Germany agreed to create carbon… 12-04 76
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