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"Special Law, National Fund to be fully supported" People Power - Gwangju Jeonnam Policy Discussion

"특별법·국비확보 총력지원"…국민의힘-광주·전남정책협의회

"Special Law, National Fund to be fully supported" People Power - Gwangju Jeonnam Policy Discussion

The People Power Party decided to mobilize full efforts to support the Gwangju Jeonnam regions with the Special Law establishment as well as securing national funds for current projects.

This is as there was the Budget Policy Discussion held on Oct. 27th at the City Hall briefing room. The discussion was between the People Power Party and representatives of Gwangju, Jeonnam and Jeonbuk(전북).

Therefore, there were proactive attitudes for securing next year's national budget funds as they were promised at the meeting.

As for Gwangju City, Gwangju CIty Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) said that "Gwangju citizens wish for the May 18th history to be no longer violated or distorted, but to stand upright."

Therefore, the May 18th related Special Law amendments, as well as the military airport transfer issue and others were requested to have support.

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