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Gwangju municipalities adjusting boundaries


광주 자치구 경계조정 준비기획단 2년여 만에 재가동

Gwangju municipalities adjusting boundaries


The 5 municipalities within Gwangju City are hurrying with boundary adjustments before the official integration discussions are to begin with Jeonnam province. This is after 2 years that the preparatory planning team has resumed to officialize the discussions. Our Jongmin Kim reports.


The discussions regarding boundary adjustments between the municipalities within Gwangju are resuming after two years

Gwangju City launched the "Gwangju district readjustment Preparation Group" consisting of Gwangju's 5 district officials, civil society organization representatives, and experts. The group established implementation plans and promoted studies for the analysis of domestic and foreign cases, basic plans, and research implementation systems.

The preparation team also plans to invite experts to hold special lectures and discussions with the press and civic groups to support the plan.

Amid the heated controversy over the plan, Dong-gu district is the most willing to support the change of boundaries among autonomous districts, as Dong-gu has seen a dramatic population decrease in the recent years. A Dong-gu district official said only 8% of Gwangjus population resides in the district, and for the balanced development of the city, boundary adjustment is inevitable.

On the other hand, theres a strong backlash against the plan from residents in the Buk-gu and Gwangsan-gu areas. The Buk-gu and Gwangsan-gu offices announced that they will follow the willingness of the residents; however, some Buk-gu residents put up banners expressing their opposition to the plan, while some Gwangsan-gu resident autonomous organizations announced their position and stated objections to the plan.

Regarding this, a city official said each district is considering the advantages and disadvantages of this plan, and there hasnt been a proper opinion collecting procedure yet, and added that even though the city would report the final plan to the Ministry of the Interior and Safety, it will most likely hold a residential vote on whether or not the district boundaries should be adjusted to prevent possible zoning conflicts.


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