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Public hearings on Gwangju Airport Relocation on the 29th.

광주공항 전남 이전시민 의견 묻는다…29일 광주서 공청회

Public hearings on Gwangju Airport Relocation on the 29th


There was a public hearing held on Oct. 29th to collect citizens' opinions regarding the Gwangju private airport's transfer. This is as there is a conflict between the City and Jeonnam Province. Our JongMin Kim reports.


In line with the issue of relocating the Gwangju military airport, a public hearing was held to gather opinions from Gwangju citizens on the relocation of Gwangju's private airport, which has faced opposition from the public.

Gwangju Civil Rights Commission says the session at Gwangju city hall brought together citizens groups, experts,  and researchers. They discussed economic feasibility and management of the potential conflicts between the city and province.

The Chief of the Public Opinion Committee, Choi Young Tae, said the discussion session guarantees fairness, transparency, citizens participation, and Gwangjus unique situation. Choi added that he expects the citizen panels will make a reasonable decision after a deliberate and mature discussion.

Reportedly, the discussion session consisted of a key note speech from each side, a main issue discussion, questions and answers, survey result analysis, deliberation assessment, and more.

Meanwhile, a poll will be conducted on 2,500 citizens from Oct 30th to Nov. 10th. The survey questions include the timing of the relocation of military and civilian airports and the name of the integrated airport.

Based on the results of the poll, the proposal of recommendation will be reported to Gwangju Mayor Lee Yong Seob. Mayor Lee will finally decide whether to accept it or not.



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