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Gwangju to undergo inspection of nightlife facilities during Halloween weekend

광주 30~31일 할로윈 주말 유흥시설 집중점검…

Gwangju to undergo inspection of nightlife facilities during Halloween weekend


Gwangju City will be operating a crackdown on nightlife facilities during the Halloween period. The inspection of facilities will be conducted on October 30th and 31st to prevent COVID 19 transmission in the area. Our HyungJin Ro reports.


Gwangju Metropolitan City will conduct a 2-day inspection of nightlife facilities to prevent the spread of COVID-19 from today. It is to prevent similar cases to the mass infection spread in Itaewon in May  as the number of people using such facilities is expected to increase on Halloween Day.


The inspection will be conducted by 43 members forming 13 inspection teams consisting of local government officials and police officers, focusing on local nightlife facilities including the old-city hall area, the Sangmu district, and the Cheomdan district, where young people are expected to be concentrated.


The team will carry out intensive checks on the implementation of key quarantine rules for 300 high-risk facilities including clubs, entertainment bars, and karaoke rooms. The city said it will take strong measures against businesses that violate quarantine rules, showing zero tolerance.


Gwangju City has been conducting on-site inspections of high-risk facilities such as restaurants and cafes since May, and has so far inspected a total of 33,800 places and found 51 violations.


The city official said related agencies and the city government will focus all their efforts on antivirus work so that the Halloween weekend does not end up becoming a source of a mass virus spread. It also asked young people to refrain from organizing Halloween gatherings, as well as to wear masks and maintain personal hygiene.


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