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PM announces new 5-level social distancing scheme

새로운 거리두기 5단계로 나눠져

PM announces new 5-level social distancing scheme


 Prime Minister Jung SeKyun(정세균) announced a new social distancing scheme yesterday based on 5 levels instead of three. This is as the new plan aims to improve anti-virus measures in a tailored fashion amid criticism that the current system is too general.


The scheme will take effect Sat. and will break up the current 3 levels into Levels 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3.


The government has divided the nation into 7 zones, with the level of each zone determined based on the average number of daily infections per week.


Jung said during a meeting of the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters that "we are trying to improve effectiveness and adherence to anti-virus rules by reconstructing antivirus measures in a tailored fashion."


The Prime Minister said that under the new scheme, facilities will be grouped into "priority" and "regular" sites in terms of the application of antivirus rules. This is while mask wearing and other key rules that were previously mandatory only at "high-risk" facilities will now apply to all facilities.


The areas where mask mandates will go into effect, also include venues of rallies, indoor sports facilities, hospitals, call centers, and logistics centers, as well as gatherings of more than 500 people.



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