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Name of foreign registration card to be changed

내년부터 외국인등록증서 '에일리언(Alien)' 표기 없앤다  

 Name of foreign registration card to be changed


The Justice Ministry revealed on Nov. 3rd that the expression "alien" on the foreign registration cards will be removed next year. This is reflecting the opinion that the expression could cause a negative and discriminative perception toward foreigners.


Therefore, the current 'Alien Registration Card' will be switched to 'Residence Card'. The amendment of the relevant laws' executive regulations will proceed on Nov. 5th.


There have been various external opinions regarding the change of the registration card name. Among a few collected ideas, 'Residence Card,' which is widely used in the European Union as well as in Japan and China, has been selected.


Therefore, the Ministry of Justice plans to promote the new English name for the foreign registration cards issued from Jan. 2021.

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