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Suncheon(순천) City to elevate Social Distancing Measures to level 1.5

확진자 잇따른 순천시, 코로나19 사회적 거리두기 1.5단계 격상

Suncheon(순천) City to elevate Social Distancing Measures to level 1.5


With the continued appearances of COVID 19 infection cases in Suncheon(순천) City, the Social Distancing measures have been elevated to level 1.5.


This is according to Suncheon(순천) City on Nov. 10th that the Private and Government Joint Countermeasures Committee was held to make such a decision. 


As a result, the level 1.5 Social Distancing measures will remain until a further decision is made to lift it.


There will be some limitations for public, religious, and multi-use facilities following the decision.

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