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Jeonnam with total 199 infected cases of COVID 19 including high school teacher and overseas entrant

전남 해외입국자, 고교 교사 코로나19 확진, 199

Jeonnam with total 199 infected cases of COVID 19 including high school teacher and overseas entrant


Jeonnam Province had additional cases of COVID 19 in both regional and overseas entrant transmission.


According to the Jeonnam Office of Education on Nov. 10th, a teacher at GwangYang(광양) High School was confirmed to be infected with COVID 19 and is undergoing treatment at Suncheon(순천) Medical Center.


This is as they made close contact with Suncheon(순천)'s recent case, who was Jeonnam's 197th case. Therefore, they were classified as Jeonnam's 198th case.


However, as it has been discovered that the teacher had participated in several classes operated at the school before the infection was confirmed, there are enumeration diagnostic tests ongoing currently.


573 students and faculty from GwangYang(광양) High School are undergoing tests.


In the meantime, an overseas entrant from Uzbekistan was confirmed to be infected before being lifted from quarantine measures. 


Therefore, the accumulated number of COVID 19 patients within the Jeonnam region is now 199.


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