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Jeonnam Eastern District with 'Nth degree transmission' continuing, 11 on Nov. 15th and 5 on the 16th added

전남 동부권 'n' 감염 확산…15 11, 16 5명 추가 확진  

Jeonnam Eastern District with 'Nth degree transmission' continuing, 11 on Nov. 15th and 5 on the 16th added



Jeonnam region is continuing its 'Nth degree transmission' centering in the eastern district.


According to Jeonnam province on Nov. 16th, there were 11 new infections added in Suncheon(순천) and GwangYang(광양) on the previous day.


There were 1 and 4 additional cases found in the Suncheon(순천) and GwangYang(광양) regions respectively, adding to the 6 infection cases found during the afternoon.


Therefore, within just 1 day, there were 11 infected patients found so far within the Jeonnam region.


As for Gwangju City, there were no added infection cases found overnight. However, as there were 4 added cases on Nov. 15th alone, the relevance of Cheonnam(전남) University Hospital is drawing attention.


There are some 5,000 people who are undergoing diagnostic tests related to the hospital. This accompanies a halt of operations for emergency and outpatient clinic services at the hospital.

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