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Gwangju HwangRyong(황룡) River-side to have more apartments built

광주 황룡강변 아파트 숲 되나…평동 139만㎡ 민간사업자 공모(종합)

Gwangju HwangRyong(황룡) River-side to have more apartments built


It has been decided that some 1.39 million m2 of land located in the Pyeongdong(평동) semi-Industrial area will be developed.


This is with private funding that the area is being developed into mega-sized apartment complexes.


According to Gwangju City on Nov. 16th, the City recently began private business competition for the City Development Project around the Pyeongdong(평동) semi-Industrial area.


Therefore, the City will be receiving project letters of intent until Nov. 20th. Also, the project business plans will be received by Jan. 29th next year.


The core plan is to create 'work and accommodation spaces' where both working and residential areas are to coexist. This is on some 1.39 million m2 of land in the Gwangsangu(광산구) Jijukdong(지죽동) area.


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