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Cheonnam(전남) University Hospital with 5 additional infection cases, Cohort quarantine for the Neurosurgery and Infectious Diseases Wards

전남대병원 5명 추가 확진…신경외과·감염내과 코호트격리(종합)

Cheonnam(전남) University Hospital with 5 additional infection cases, Cohort quarantine for the Neurosurgery and Infectious Diseases Wards



There were 5 additional cases of COVID 19 found related to Cheonnam(전남) University Hospital to total 14 so far.


As a result, the disinfection authorities have operated cohort quarantine measures for some of the wards and extended the closure period for the outpatient clinic services as well as emergency rooms.


The wards under cohort quarantine measures are Neurosurgery and Infectious Diseases.


According to Gwangju City on Nov. 16th, there were 2 employees and 1 of their acquaintances, as well as 1 medical staff member confirmed to be infected today.


Also, Suncheon(순천)'s JungAng(중앙) Hospital had a nurse infected with COVID 19, resulting in the 6th ward being under cohort quarantine measures.

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