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Naju(나주) SRF Opposed organization "Gwangju garbage is Gwangju City's responsibility"


나주SRF반대 단체 "광주 쓰레기는 광주가 책임지라"

Naju(나주) SRF Opposed organization "Gwangju garbage is Gwangju City's responsibility"


Jeonnam's Naju(나주) City's Solid Refuse Fuel Cogeneration Plant opposing organizations were condemning Gwangju City on Nov. 16th. It was said that "Gwangju's garbage must be Gwangju's responsibility."


This was said by the SRF Opposed Naju(나주) Residents' Emergency Countermeasures Committee and the Trade Unions Council of the Gwangju Jeonnam Joint Innovative City.


Therefore, a condemnation presentation was held, declaring "Gwangju City's garbage problem must be solved first for the Naju(나주) Garbage Incinerator discussions to continue."


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