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Kim YeongLok(김영록), Jeonnam Governor "reaching limit of blocking the transmission"

김영록 전남지사 "확산세 막는데 한계상황에 이르고 있다"

Kim YeongLok(김영록), Jeonnam Governor "reaching limit of blocking the transmission"



Kim YeongLok(김영록), the Jeonnam Governor warned on Nov. 18th that "The COVID 19 situation is widely spread in regional society currently. However, we are reaching a limitation for blocking the transmission with the disinfection authorities' efforts only."


Kim said as such at the e-briefing held during the day. Kim explained that "There are continuous small cluster infection cases appearing. This is at financial institutions, corporations, restaurants, hospitals, and schools as well as others.


Also, the eastern district and Hwasoon(화순) region followed by Mokpo(목포) have the virus spreading rather rapidly."


Therefore, Kim asked for all residents to mobilize efforts together to prevent further spread of the virus.

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