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"Gwangju's Bukgu(북구) 6 Dongs(동) to Donggu(동구), Gwangsan(광산)'s Cheomdan(첨단) 1,2 Dongs(동) to Bukgu(북구)"

"광주 북구 6개동→동구, 광산 첨단1·2동→북구 편입"

"Gwangju's Bukgu(북구) 6 Dongs() to Donggu(동구), Gwangsan(광산)'s Cheomdan(첨단) 1,2 Dongs() to Bukgu(북구)"


One of the biggest issues within Gwangju City is adjusting the municipality boundaries of which some changes were confirmed finally.


This is as the Municipalities Boundaries Adjustments Preparation Planning Team rezoned 6 Dongs() in Bukgu(북구) district to belong to Donggu(동구) District.


Also, Gwangsangu(광산구) area's Cheomdan(첨단) 1st and 2nd Dong() are to be rezoned to Bukgu(북구) District.


This was decided at the Kim DaeJoong(김대중) Convention Center on Nov. 19th where 29 Committee members participated in 3 votes.

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