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KSID "without Social Distancing level elevation, daily infection cases to reach 1,000 in 1-2 weeks"

감염학회 "거리두기 상향없이 12주지나면 확진자 1천명 육"

KSID "without Social Distancing level elevation, daily infection cases to reach 1,000 in 1-2 weeks"


The Korean Society of Infectious Diseases or the KSID and other professional organizations have requested stronger preventative measures.


As they evaluated that the COVID 19 trend is rather serious right now, reinforced social distancing measures were requested.


They also warned that there could be up to 1,000 new daily cases of COVID 19 with the current trend if no specific measures are taken.


The KSID and other organizations released a statement on Nov. 20th and said that "The current COVID 19 situation has high potential to become much worse."


It was explained that "The COVID 19 virus can dwell longer in low temperatures and dry environments. Therefore, the current transmission risks have risen.


At this rate, without more efficient measures taken, the daily infection cases are estimated to reach some 1,000 people per day."

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