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Gwangju Office of Education says all middle and high schools to operate distance classes on Dec. 4th, day after CSAT

시교육청, 12 4일 모든 중·고교 원격수업  

Gwangju Office of Education says all middle and high schools to operate distance classes on Dec. 4th, day after CSAT


The Gwangju Office of Education revealed on Nov. 25th that online classes will be operated for all middle and high school students within the city for Dec. 4th.


This is the day after the College Scholastic Ability Test, the CSAT or College Entrance Exam.


As there will be a huge number of students writing the CSAT with many others visiting the exam sites, the preventative measures are necessary.


Also, 31% of middle school teachers and 58% of high school teachers will be participating as  exam supervisors. Therefore, cluster infection possibilities are stronger.


Therefore, on Dec. 4th, all faculty staff except necessary staff will be working from home.

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