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Hwasoon(화순) Chonnam(전남) University Hospital Emergency Center closed for 24 hours, "infected patient visited"

"확진자 방문" 화순전남대병원 응급센터 24시간 폐쇄

Hwasoon(화순) Chonnam(전남) University Hospital Emergency Center closed for 24 hours, "infected patient visited"


Hwasoon(화순) Chonnam(전남) University Hospital Emergency Center had an infected patient visit the center, resulting in it being temporarily closed.


This is according to Hwasoon(화순) County and Hwasoon(화순) Chonnam University Hospital on Dec. 11th.


A patient visited the emergency clinic on Dec. 10th for stomach pain and other symptoms.


The hospital has been operating diagnostic tests upon all patients that visit the emergency clinic.


As a result, the patient tested positive for infection during the night to be classified as Jeonnam's 464th case. The spouse of the 464th patient was also confirmed to be infected afterward to be added as the region's 467th case.


Hwasoon(화순) County temporarily closed the hospital's emergency clinic and operated disinfection measures for all of the hospital.

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