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Gwangju keeping 2nd level of Social Distancing measures with extensive restrictions for facilities after 10pm

광주 2단계 유지하되 오후 10시 이후 시설 운영 제한 확대  

Gwangju keeping 2nd level of Social Distancing measures with extensive restrictions for facilities after 10pm


As the number of COVID 19 infection cases have dramatically risen, Gwangju City decided to extend the restriction measures for facility operations during the night.


This is according to Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangju City Mayor on Dec. 13th at the online briefing held in the afternoon.


Lee said that, "The major cluster infection cases found in the capital areas are our problem."


Lee continued with "Therefore, the current Social Distancing 2nd level will be kept, with the main facilities' prevention measures being reinforced."


In the meantime, there are further inpatient treatment bed securement processes ongoing within the city as well.


According to the health authorities on Dec. 13th, the City is trying to secure a total of 686 inpatient treatment beds with Jeonnam(전남) and Jeonbuk(전북)'s cooperation.

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