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Jangseong(장성) with mother and daughter infection cases to total 562 in Jeonnam region

장성서 모녀 코로나19 확진…전남 누적 562  

Jangseong(장성) with mother and daughter infection cases to total 562 in Jeonnam region


There were 2 additional infection cases found in Jeonnam's Jangseong(장성) region to total 562 within the Jeonnam region.


This is according to the Province on Dec. 1st that a mother and daughter who reside in the Jangseong(장성) region were confirmed to be infected.


Therefore, they are currently classified as Jeonnam's 561st and 562nd cases.


They are also family members of Gwangju's 1,076th case who was confirmed on Dec. 30th within Gwangju, where they both work.

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