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Trespassing noticed at 23rd May 18th Historic Site, Korean Armed Forces Gwangju Hospital, investigation requested

'5·18사적지 23' 국군광주병원 무단 침입 정황…수사 의뢰

Trespassing noticed at 23rd May 18th Historic Site, Korean Armed Forces Gwangju Hospital, investigation requested


There has been trespassing noticed at the  Korean Armed Forces Gwangju Hospital, a May 18th Democratization Movement Site.


As a result, the City requested an investigation as well as reinforcement of the May 18th Historic Sites management.


According to Gwangju City on Jan. 11th, there were some 5 people assumed to be in their 20s who trespassed at the old site of the Hospital on Jan. 4th.


The hospital is located in the Seogu(서구) Hwajeongdong(화정동) area. Its 1.8m high iron fences were jumped over.


One of the rooms' doors was damaged, and traces of a fire and tobacco smoke were discovered.


The trespassing was recorded by the CCTV cameras around the fences as well.


Therefore, the case was requested to be investigated by the Gwangju Seobu(서부) Police Station on Jan. 7th.

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