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School age population decreasing, Gwangju kindergarten students dropping by 400 per year

'학령인구 감소 현실화' 광주 유치원생 매년 400명씩 ''

School age population decreasing, Gwangju kindergarten students dropping by 400 per year


With the decrease in the school-age population, the Gwangju region's kindergarten students are also decreasing by 400 every year.


As a result, there are private kindergartens closing.


According to the Gwangju Office of Education on Jan. 13th, the number of students attending kindergarten is 23,220. This is as of last year, including both private and public kindergartens.


Compared to 24,790 4 years ago in 2016, this is a decrease of 1,570 students.


This decrease of 392 students per year is being followed by kindergartens' temporary and permanent closures .

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