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Democratic Party candidates headed to Honam(호남) region

민주 당권 주자들 잇단 호남행…본격 경쟁

Democratic Party candidates headed to Honam(호남) region


With the Democratic Party leader, Lee NakYeon(이낙연)'s resignation period arriving, the Democratic Party's leader-candidates are visiting the Honam(호남) region.


According to local political personnel, on Feb. 19th, Woo WonShik(우원식), a candidate representing Seoul's(서울) Nowon(노원) Eul() Constituency visited Gwangju during the day.


Therefore, a meeting was held between Lee YongSeob(이용섭), the Gwangju City Mayor as well as the 5 district offices' heads and City and District Council members.


Previously, Hong YeongPyo(홍영표), another member of the Party representing Incheon's(인천) BuPyeong(부평) Eul() Constituency visited the Gwangju and Jeonnam regions between Feb. 14th and 15th as well.

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