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‘Nighttime City Tour’ to Begin in March in Mokpo

목포시 야경 시티투어’ 7월부터

Nighttime City Tour’ to Begin in March in Mokpo


The city of Mokpo will run a nighttime city tour program from July this year.

Touring around famous tourist attractions in Mokpo at Mokpo Peace Square, it will showcase the Ocean Music Fountain Show. The nighttime city tour bus will be run five times a week from Tuesday to Saturday in the months of July and August.

The tour is part of efforts to offer various tourist programs to the surge of travelers expected in Mokpo upon the opening of Honam KTX that will link Honam regions with the capital and central regions of the country.

The nighttime city tour bus will run to major tourist attractions in Mokpo such as Gatbawi, Nojeokbong (노적봉) and Yeongsan River Estuary Weir.



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