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Gwangju with 6, Jeonnam 5 additional patients found

코로나19 광주6명·전남 5명 확진

Gwangju with 6, Jeonnam 5 additional patients found


On July 4th, there were 6 patients added in Gwangju City as well as 5 in the Jeonnam region.


As for the Gwangju cases, 3 of the 6 new patients are Seogu(서구) district residents who were tested as they showed suspected symptoms.


Their routes of infection are still unclear.


The remaining 3 cases are those who made contact with previous patients.


As for the Jeonnam region, there were 0 infected cases found the day before for the first time in 69 days, but 5 new cases were added yesterday.


Therefore, there are further epidemiology studies ongoing for the routes of transmission as well as those who made contact with the new patients.

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