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Gwangju, Daegu(대구) to open '2nd Alliance Era' with Dalbit(달빛) Railways

광주시·대구시, 달빛 철도로 '2 동맹 시대' 연다

Gwangju, Daegu(대구) to open '2nd Alliance Era' with Dalbit(달빛) Railways


 With the Dalbit(달빛) Inland Railroad reflected in the National Railroad Network plan, Gwangju City and Daegu(대구) City decided to hold the '2nd Dalbit(달빛) Alliance'.


The agreement was signed on the 6th at Gwangju Station which will serve as the base station of the Dalbit(달빛) Inland Railroad.


This was welcoming the Dalbit(달빛) Inland Railroad being reflected in the 4th National Railroad Network Establishment Plan and promising continuous exchange and cooperation.


Gwangju City Mayor Lee YongSeob(이용섭) and Daegu(대구) City Mayor Kwon YeongJin(권영진) as well as the two cities' council chairs and others participated.

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