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Gwangju City selected as the Jobs Policy Excellent Municipality for 4th consecutive year

광주시, 4년 연속 일자리 정책 우수 지자체 선정

Gwangju City selected as the Jobs Policy Excellent Municipality for 4th consecutive year


Gwangju City was selected as the Jobs Policy Excellent Municipality for the 4th consecutive year.


Therefore, Gwangju City received the grand prize at the '2021 National Regional Municipality Jobs Award' ceremony conducted on the 6th at Daejeon(대전) Hotel ICC.


The Award ceremony was conducted by the Ministry of Employment and Labor which has awarded Gwangju City the overall grand award since 2018.


Also, in 2019 and 2020, the City received the grand prize in the Jobs Policy Evaluation.


The Jobs Award has been offered since 2012 to a total of 243 national municipalities.

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