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Gwangju DongUn(동운) Overpass with fallen concrete debris, emergency inspection

준공 48년 광주 동운고가서 콘크리트 부스러기 쏟아져…긴급점검

Gwangju DongUn(동운) Overpass with fallen concrete debris, emergency inspection


Gwangju DongUn(동운) Overpass had fallen concrete debris, resulting in an emergency safety inspection.


According to the City yesterday, there were reports of gravel and cement powder falling on the road underneath at 11.30am.


This was reported to the 119 Situation Room and relevant institutions, and traffic authorities blocked traffic access at the overpass to operate an emergency safety inspection.


There were no structural abnormalities found during the inspection conducted by professionals, and traffic access was resumed in the afternoon.


The fallen debris was confirmed to be concrete, but no more damage or cracks were found.

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