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Disaster Relief Funds to increased Jeonnam agricultural household income by 11%

'재난 지원금 덕분에'…전남 농가소득 11% 증가

Disaster Relief Funds to increased Jeonnam agricultural household income by 11%


The Jeonnam region's agricultural households income have reported to have increased amid the COVID19 pandemic.


However, the income ratio earned from farming was about a quarter, whereas income earned from projects other than farming was 70%.


These include public subsidies and benefits as well as disaster relief funds.


According to the 'COVID19 Before and After (2019-2020) Jeonnam Agricultural Household Income Change Report' released today, there was a 11.1% increase in income.


This is as there was 43.68 million won of income recorded in 2020, to show a 4.36 million won increase compared to 2019's 39.32 million won.


Among the income composition fund, public subsidies and  other transfer income composed 36% to record the highest ratio.

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