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Foreign International Students coming to Korea must pass 3 PCR tests

한국 오는 외국인 유학생, PCR 검사 3번 해야

Foreign International Students coming to Korea must pass 3 PCR tests


Foreign international students entering Korea for the 2nd semester must be tested 3 times for COVID19 with PCR tests.


Also, those entering from countries where variants of the virus such as the Delta variant are spreading are advised to enter when Korea’s vaccination rate has exceeded 70%.


This was announced in the '2021, 2nd Semester Foreigner International Students Protection and Management Measures' released by the Ministry of Education on the 28th.


Therefore, foreign international students must be tested 3 times with COVID19 PCR tests both before and after entrance.


First of all, they must be tested once before entering Korea, submitting a negative confirmation upon entrance.


Also, after 1 week of the self-quarantine period has passed, they will be tested for the 2nd time at designated public medical centers.


Then when the self-quarantine period concludes after 14 days, the 3rd round of tests is conducted, with a negative confirmation lifting them from self-quarantine.



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