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Jeonnam heat-illness patients rise to 74, 36,000 animals dead due to heatwave

'폭염피해 확산전남 온열질환자 74명·가축폐사 36천마리

Jeonnam heat-illness patients rise to 74, 36,000 animals dead due to heatwave


As the heatwave is continuing in the Jeonnam region, there were 74 heat illness patients found in the province along with the deaths of some 36,000 farm animals.


According to Jeonnam province on the 3rd, there were a total of 74 patients found to be related to the heat wave.


All 74 people are reported to have been discharged after treatment. However, heat-illness patients are continuing to appear during the heatwave.


As for the livestock losses, 36,598 animals have died at 98 farms..


The largest number of deaths was chickens at some 26,000, followed by 2,030 ducks, 780 pigs, and other animals as well.

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