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Gwangju 12, Jeonnam 11 additional COVID19 confirmations

광주 12명·전남 11명 추가 코로나19 확진

Gwangju 12, Jeonnam 11 additional COVID19 confirmations


There were 12 new cases of COVID19 in Gwangju and 11 in the Jeonnam region yesterday.


According to the health authorities of both areas yesterday, there were a total of 12 additional patients found in Gwangju City as of 6pm.


These included 7 additional cases related to a bar located in Gwangsangu(광산구) district.


Also in the Jeonnam region, there were 4 patients added in each of the Suncheon(순천) and Yeosu(여수) areas, as well as 3 in Mokpo(목포), totaling 11 new patients.


Therefore, there are a total of 3,460 patients accumulated within Gwangju City and 2,065 cases in the Jeonnam region so far.


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