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Gwangju elementary students reduced to a quarter in some areas compared to 15 years ago

15년만에 초등생 ¼ 줄어든 광주 도심 학교

Gwangju elementary students reduced to a quarter in some areas compared to 15 years ago



With the drop in the school-age population due to the low birth rate, the number of students at elementary schools has dropped significantly.


Gyesu(계수) Elementary School located in Sangmu(상무) district was the most populated school back in 2006 with 1,323 students. There were 45 classes and 50 teachers.


However, as of 2021, there are just 325 students, which is a quarter of the students recorded 15 years ago. The number of classes is currently reduced to 2 to 3 classes per grade.


As a result of such a drop in the number of students, the recruitment for school faculty and the regional commercial ecology have also been affected.


The total number of elementary school students within Gwangju City was over 100,000 back in 2013, but has decreased to 84,000 this year.

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