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'YeoSun(여순) Oct. 19th Pan-Citizens Coalition' initiating on the 19th

'여순 10·19범국민연대' 19일 출범

'YeoSun(여순) Oct. 19th Pan-Citizens Coalition' initiating on the 19th



The YeoSun(여순) Oct. 19th Pan-Citizens Coalition will launch in the face of the YeoSun(여순) Incident Special Law execution.


This is for the truth investigation and the restoration of honors that the founding general assembly and a launching ceremony will be held on the 19th.


Therefore, the ceremony will be held at the Suncheon(순천) Bay Ecological Cultural Education Center at 2pm on the 19th.


One of the YeoSun(여순) Pan-Citizens Coalition Preparatory Committee personnel said that "(we) will band together with the bereaved family members and citizens as well as social organizations.


Therefore, the YeoSun(여순) Incident's history is to be clarified properly and (victims') honors will be truly restored."

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