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'Namdo(남도) Righteous Army History Museum' construction going smoothly

'남도의병 역사박물관건립 순항

'Namdo(남도) Righteous Army History Museum' construction going smoothly


Jeonnam Province’s promotion of the establishment of the 'Namdo(남도) Righteous Army History Museum' is proceeding smoothly.


According to the Province yesterday, the construction project of the Museum of History passed the preliminary evaluation by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in May.


Also, the Ministry of Interior and Safety recently passed the project with conditions for the Regional Finance Central Investment Review.


Therefore, there will be some 42.2 billion won of total project funds injected including 16.9 billion won of national funds to establish the Museum in Naju(나주)’s Gongsangmyeon(공산면) Township.


It will be on some 8,300m2 of land with 1 basement floor and 3 ground floors where exhibitions, education, and hands-on experiences will be available.


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