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3 Chonnam(전남) Univ. Hospital medical staff and patients infected, 31 new cases found in Gwangju Jeonnam


전남대병원 의료진·환자 3  광주·전남 31 확진

3 Chonnam(전남) Univ. Hospital medical staff and patients infected, 31 new cases found in Gwangju Jeonnam



Gwangju City had 3 new cases from Chonnam(전남) University Hospital among medical staff and patients.


This is among the 23 new patients found yesterday within Gwangju City, with the total accumulated patients now totaling 3,920.


The 3 cases from the hospital are a medical staff member who was showing symptoms and 2 patients that they had contact with.


The health authorities will evaluate the onsite risk to come up with responsive countermeasures and inspect those who made contact with these patients.


As for the Jeonnam region, there were 8 new cases found to total 2,479 cases currently.


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